At Clear Arch Health, we understand the need to deliver high quality care to your members, while reducing costs. As a leading provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) technology, we can help you achieve that.

Through our RPM offering, we can support your existing program or help you create a new program to care for patients who require complex medical needs. Together, we can provide connected health services to monitor members’ vitals and help them live happier, healthier, more independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Triple your aim with RPM.
Improve health. Improve care. Reduce costs.

The cost of not delivering connected care is high.

Over the next 25 years, remote patient monitoring (RPM) is expected to save $200B in healthcare costs globally.

The cost of not participating could mean higher risk of death for patients with chronic care conditions, larger incurred costs for both the patient and the organization – not only at the time of incident and intervention – but over the lifespan of the patient.

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