As older populations continue to age and live longer, home health is expected to boom – transforming the way in which organizations meet the needs of patients. In 2016, about 3.4 million Medicare beneficiaries received care from home health agencies. That number is expected to grow. And, healthcare organizations are tasked with helping this aging population, especially those with one or more chronic conditions, live independently.

Clear Arch Health, a division of MobileHelp®, built its business on helping seniors live more independently – with patients and their caregivers at its core. As a leading provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM)  and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) technology, our solutions help support the paradigm shift in healthcare, to a community and home-based model, and the efforts of home health agencies. In fact, over the next 25 years, RPM is expected to save $200B in healthcare costs globally. We are starting to see that home health agencies are beginning to lead the charge in the adoption of RPM.

Running a home health agency can be a huge undertaking. Do more with less and let us help you. With our remote patient monitoring solutions, you and your referral partners can improve the quality of life of your patients and improve clinical outcomes.

Did you know? CMS provides reimbursement for remote patient monitoring, allowing for better patient results, the integration of innovative technologies and reduced costs. Reimbursement along with the other benefits of RPM could mean critical financial savings for your organization.

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