Clinical Monitoring Services

Scale Your Telehealth Program

Life Care Solutions monitoring services can be customized to help you achieve the goals set by your organization.

To help reduce the cost of offering/scaling your telehealth program, we have offer a monitoring service designed to provide full compatibility with our LifeStream Telehealth Platform to enable robust reporting and program analytics.

Whether you require 24 x 7 end to end monitoring services that include patient interaction/outreach or you need to augment your existing staff during the weekends and holidays, the Life Care Solutions monitoring services can be customized to help you.

Life Care Solutions and its service partners feature care providers who make informed care decisions based on patient data. We select the service provider that best meets your needs, and work with you to create a program, and associated service levels with all program costs aggregated in a single monthly invoice.

Reduce Costs and Improve Care Coordination With Telehealth Monitoring Services

We help remove the complexity associated with offering telehealth by monitoring your patients from our nurse call center headquarters.

Following our best practices methodology, our model has been validated during our 20 years of experience in remote patient monitoring, with results that are proven to:

  • Reduce avoidable readmissions
  • Decrease the cost of offering a telehealth program
  • Improve care coordination
  • Improve patient and physician satisfaction
  • Encourage long-term sustainable health changes

Three Levels of Service Are Available To Address Your Needs

Monitoring Service Tier


Level 1

RN Oversight Model

Telehealth/Healthcare Specialist acknowledges all alerts and coordinates interventions under the supervision of a RN. Escalation to next level of communication is handled by the analyst.

Level 2

RN Coordinated Model

Registered Nurse acknowledges all high priority (red alerts) and provides intervention. A Telehealth Analyst supports the patient for non priority alerts such as empty packets and missing data.

Level 3

RN Case Managed Model

Registered Nurse acknowledges all alerts, prioritizing by alert status and provides intervention.

Our consultative approach and attention to your business ensures you will have a customized program that is a fit for your program today, and the flexibility to adjust as your requirements evolve:

Device Acquisition and Service

Flexible options for device acquisition based on budget and infrastructure requirements

Patient Qualification and Enrollment

We will assist with identifying the patient population to be enrolled during the initial needs assessment process if requested


Telehealth equipment is delivered to an individual’s home, with follow up and trouble-shooting offered to work through communications issues, equipment placement, and set up & configuration

Monitoring and Alert Management

Certified care providers at a centrally staffed facility review biometric data and take actions according to a set of evidence-based protocols, and through personalized knowledge about enrolled patients

Education and Coaching

Patients will receive personalized education about their condition, and consistent follow up by their monitoring care team to reinforce to their knowledge, and encourage long term sustainable healthcare changes

Analytics Reporting

We will track outcomes, clinical and operational efficiencies, patient satisfaction, and program effectiveness to demonstrate the value of telehealth as a cost-effective solution for successfully managing individuals with chronic health conditions