Clear Arch Health sources vitals peripherals from multiple manufacturers for use with our MobileVitals systems – MobileVitals Touch and MobileVitals Classic

Blood Pressure Monitors

Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – A wireless blood pressure monitor that automatically records and tracks measurements via the MobileVitals base station to enable trending and sharing.

Blood Pressure Monitor – Digital blood pressure monitor with wide range cuff accommodating sizes from 8.5″ to 16.5″ / 22 cm to 44 cm.

Weight Scales

Premium Wireless Weight Scale – A premium wireless weight scale with capacity up to 450 pounds – automatically records and tracks measurements and transmits them via the MobileVitals base station to enable tracking of trends.

Premium Wireless Weight Scale with Extra Wide Base – Advanced, motion tolerant, wireless weight scale with extra wide base and high capacity (up to 550 pounds) that provides trusted accuracy and reliable measurements every time.

Weight Scale – Digital weight scale with a capacity of up to 400 lb / 200 kg capacity.

Pulse Oximetry

Elite Finger Pulse Oximeter –  Easy-to-use, connected finger pulse oximeter automatically records and tracks SpO2 readings in real time via the MobileVitals base station.

NEW! Pulse Oximeter – Indie Health digital pulse oximeter, a hospital grade, high accuracy and performance even in low perfusion conditions.

Glucose Meter

NEW! Accurate and reliable blood glucose meter.

Trividia monitor

NEW! Blood Glucose Meters – two options available for remote patient monitoring kits: Veridian Healthcare Oh’Care® Lite Smart and Trividia Health™ TRUE METRIX® AIR.


NEW! Thermometer – Indie Health two in one thermometer for ear and forehead use.


NEW! Spirometer – MIR Spirobank® Smart Includes turbine flowmeter and plastic mouthpiece tube for easy to remove for cleaning.


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