MobileHelp Healthcare Features Webinar on New CPT Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement

By June 11, 2019February 16th, 2021Press Releases

MobileHelp® Healthcare Features Webinar on New CPT Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement

MobileHelp® Healthcare, a leader in healthcare technology solutions, is hosting a new webinar titled “Understanding CMS Reimbursement Opportunities for Remote Patient Monitoring,” aimed at helping healthcare providers who want to improve patient care and optimize new reimbursement options through utilization of a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program.

Scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th at 3 p.m. EDT, the complimentary webinar will include an introduction from two executives at the ClearHealth Quality InstituteGarry Carneal, Founder and Strategic Advisor and Michael Gomes, CEO. It will also feature two presenters from MobileHelp Healthcare, Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President, and Jerriene Cordova, Director of Telehealth Programs.

“Working through the RPM implementation process with our healthcare provider partners and customers has given us insight into developing a successful program that leverages the full reimbursement opportunities,” said Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President of MobileHelp Healthcare. “We’ve blended that hands-on experience with legislative research to develop the content for this webinar. Our intent is that it will serve as a guide for providers looking to understand how an RPM program can be not only a cost-effective patient care option but also a revenue generator.”

Designed to address key provider questions around the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reimbursement codes approved for RPM in 2019 (CPT 99453, CPT 99454 and CPT 99457), the webinar will explore the following concepts:

1. Telemedicine and RPM trends;
2. RPM accreditation and how providers can utilize it as part of the RPM vendor selection process;
3. Utilization of the new CPT codes to build a better patient care model;
4. How to develop an RPM program with little or no capital investment; and
5. What is on the horizon for RPM providers.

In addition to the webinar, an extensive blog post from Mr. Otto also explores the new CPT codes, with a focus on addressing fiscal and operational questions the company has received from providers.

Registration for the webinar is available free of charge on the MobileHelp Healthcare website, and spots are still available. Following the webinar, a recorded version will be available for download.