Clinical Consulting and Training

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Working with Life Care Solutions clinical consultants

Life Care Solutions offers training via its clinical staff to ensure that telehealth programs are meeting rigorous quality standards. The benefits of working with clinical consultants:

  • Optimization and standardization of current and future clinical processes, achieved by driving best practices throughout the organization
  • Alignment of resources that supports high quality patient interaction and care
  • Development of program baseline/goals to improve and measure outcomes
  • Reduction in process rework and ease of implementation
    Increased patient and employee satisfaction

Life Care clinical consultants follow a proven approach informed by best practices which includes the following phases:

Implementation Preparation

  • Establish program goals
  • Identify care delivery model
  • Allocate internal/external resources
  • Establish roles & responsibilities
  • Create training & deployment milestones

Training & Readiness

  • Roll-out / training plan
  • Evaluate significant risks & contingency plans
  • Assess team capabilities
  • Ensure compliance w/ model and processes

Development Support

  • Confirm branch and staff readiness
  • Create roll-out deployment Plan
  • Ensure success of scheduled implementations

Follow-Up & Optimization

  • Confirm completion of training and deployment roll-out