Remote Care Monitoring Program Solutions

Clear Arch Health offers the latest advancements in remote care monitoring programs, personal emergency response systems, and remote life safety solutions that are designed to connect healthcare providers, payers/payors and home care agencies to their patients, members, and clients outside clinical environments. We offer custom and turnkey RPM programs and RPM/PERS-integrated solutions that help to improve outcomes by enabling care providers to monitor and prioritize high-risk patients, helping them to live well (and safer) while keeping them out of the hospital longer.

Clear Arch Health empowers healthcare providers with purpose-built, bespoke options
in virtual care management and remote patient monitoring program solutions.

  • Our Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions come available within the same platform.
  • Clear Arch Health’s RPM/PERS integrated program options offer the benefits of a combined and highly effective remote care management solution. 

Need assistance designing the ideal RPM program for your patients?

No problem. Clear Arch Health works with you to tailor the equipment, software, hardware and program implementation details to help ensure your organization meets its specific remote patient monitoring program objectives.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program Solutions

By providing a simplified end-user experience that reduces effort and operational cost, the Clear Arch Health Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) virtual care platforms enable providers to implement high-quality, customized remote monitoring programs for a range of patient populations and health organizations of any size. Ask us about RPM and PERS integration!

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Solutions

Clear Arch Health provides high-quality Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) with mobile, remote life safety innovations, to effectively enhance a patient's sense of independence, well-being and peace of mind, regardless of location. The Clear Arch Health suite of PERS solutions include Clear Arch Home Classic, Clear Arch DUO, Clear Arch SOLO, and Clear Arch MICRO.

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Clear Arch Health Program Support Services

Clear Arch Health offers fully customizable support services to assist providers with managing successful virtual care programs. Utilized by healthcare professionals across the healthcare spectrum, our end-to-end connected care solutions help to provision health services to improve overall health while reducing costs, improving outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction.