Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Through a simplified end-user experience that reduces effort and operational cost, Clear Arch Health allows providers to implement high-quality, customized RPM programs for a range of patient populations and health organizations of any size.


  • Deliver Personalized Care Anytime, Anywhere: Clear Arch Health offers RPM solutions that enable care teams to effectively monitor patients, remotely, ensuring they receive the care they need, when they need it. 
  • Drive Improved Outcomes: RPM solutions from Clear Arch Health help to reduce costly hospitalizations and readmissions through early intervention, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for patients.
  • Improve Clinical Decision-Making: Clear Arch Health’s RPM solutions empower care providers with actionable health data that enhances decision-making and streamlines workflow efficiency.
  • Elevate Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Life: With Clear Arch Health programs and remote patient monitoring services, patients are more equipped to live more fulfilling lives when they know their health is being monitored by caring and dedicated professionals while they are outside traditional healthcare settings. 

Clear Arch Touch RPM Tablet

An interactive tablet-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system with engaging features that blend Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) benefits with RPM technology and Remote Life Safety (RLS) options.

Clear Arch Classic RPM

A traditionally styled Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) base station hub with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) capabilities that leverage the benefits of biometric monitoring with PERS safety technology.

Clear Arch Health App
Clear Arch Mobile App

The Clear Arch Mobile Application gives patients the ability to proactively self-monitor their vital signs from any location, at any time, right from the palm of their hand. This mobile app is designed with an intuitive and interactive interface to keep patients engaged with, and involved in, their daily healthcare, allowing them to gain better insight into their ongoing health status. Through wireless communications and Bluetooth connectivity, patients can easily transmit collected measurement data to the LifeStream™ dashboard for their healthcare team to view, assess, analyze, and act upon if needed.


Clear Arch Health sources its vital signs peripherals and health status monitors from multiple manufacturers for ease-of-use with our virtual care platforms. Currently, the following biometric Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) smart devices are compatible with our remote monitoring solutions :

Dashboards and Analytic Tools

LifeStream™ Clinical Monitoring Software RPM Dashboard

A robust and intuitive Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) dashboard that provides care teams with convenient access to essential patient data, responses to pain scale questions, PHQ2 or PHQ9 questionnaires, and/or custom questions to improve clinical decision making.

LifeStream™ Analytics Advanced Reporting Tool

Part of the LifeStream clinical monitoring system, this reporting software helps healthcare teams to deliver smarter patient care for improved outcomes through pre-configured, customizable and easily exportable reports for further review and clinical analysis.

LifeStream™ Epic Two-Way Interface

Comprehensive software that transmits health information securely across the Epic system, allowing care providers to access electronic health records more efficiently through a highly interoperable and streamlined process that additionally ensures patient data privacy.

LifeStream™ Connect (HL7 Interface)

A seamlessly integratable software application that helps healthcare organizations minimize operational costs and improve workflow by using Health Level Seven International (HL7) specifications  to enhance the quality and efficiency of remote-based care.