About Clear Arch Health

Clear Arch Health

Bridging Gaps in Remote Care

Clear Arch Health is a provider of easy to adopt, custom and turnkey remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) solutions that connect hospitals, health systems, clinicians, home care/senior care/transitional care agencies and other care providers to their patients, group and plan members, and clients.

As a division of MobileHelp, a leading provider of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems technology, and (as of May 2024) part of Medical Guardian, Clear Arch Health enables the delivery of quality care to patients with chronic conditions by bridging gaps in remote care with our comprehensive suite of RPM, PERS, remote life safety solutions and end-to-end support services.  

Clear Arch Health is a partner that simplifies RPM program delivery to free our clients to focus on doing what they do best – delivering care.

  • We work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals and tailor our solutions accordingly.
  • With our advanced telehealth/remote health technologies, healthcare providers can remotely monitor patients’ health status, detect potential issues early on, and intervene proactively, ultimately reducing hospital readmissions and improving patient satisfaction.

With more than two decades of Direct-to-Consumer experience in virtual care, and 15 years of providing multi-modality RPM solutions to over 300,000 active users (and growing), Clear Arch Health has positively impacted more than 1 million lives. Backed by an executive team with extensive leadership experience in remote patient monitoring, senior care, healthcare technology, engineering, communications, and telehealth policy and regulation, our business continues to grow and mature through strategic acquisitions, R&D, new products, and effective partnerships.

Our mission is to transform the delivery of healthcare and expand access to quality care so that more care providers may deliver personalized healthcare to more patient populations, enhance the patient experience, minimize the cost of care, reduce hospital admissions and readmissions, achieve sustainable objectives in patient care and improve outcomes every day. We are committed to developing innovative solutions that make it easier for healthcare providers to monitor and manage patients with chronic conditions. We also believe in the importance of customer service. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the support they need to succeed.

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Programs and Solutions feature multi-pronged benefits for patient populations requiring periodic health monitoring and personalized care to effectively manage their conditions. But, the benefits don’t stop there.

With Clear Arch Health, Care Providers Can:

  • Improve patient outcomes: Our RPM solutions help healthcare providers deliver the highest standard of care to patients with chronic conditions.
  • Reduce costs: Our solutions can help healthcare providers reduce costs by reducing hospital readmissions and improving patient satisfaction.
  • Maximize operational resources: Our solutions can help healthcare providers streamline their workflows and increase efficiency.
  • Scale programs to match evolving needs: Our solutions are sustainable and scalable for healthcare organizations of all sizes.
  • Rest assured: Our solutions are built with robust security measures to protect patient information and ensure HIPAA compliance.

 Clear Arch Health Programs Offer:

  • Flexible pricing to meet unique needs and budget constraints
  • FDA-compliant solutions for enhanced safety and  product reliability
  • Robust monitoring programs that empower healthcare providers to deliver quality care
  • Intuitive clinical dashboards for informed decision-making based on accurate health data
  • Emergency response systems for greater peace of mind, with 24/7 monitoring options
  • User-friendly devices for convenience, ease-of-use, comfort and increased engagement 
  • Full logistics management, installation, onboarding, training, ongoing consults and support
  • Solutions for Medicare Advantage Plans and reimbursement guidance for providers

If you are looking for a trusted partner in remote patient monitoring solutions, contact Clear Arch Health today. 

Discover the Clear Arch Health Difference for Bridging Gaps in Remote Care.