Hospitals and Health Systems

Medical staff discussing report at hospital

Clear Arch Health provides hospitals and health systems with fully customizable remote patient management solutions for the delivery of responsive and impactful care to high-risk patients outside clinical settings.

Our innovative portfolio of virtual care solutions (Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Remote Life Safety (RLS) technology, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platforms), and comprehensive support services are utilized nationwide by healthcare organizations across the continuum of care.

Clear Arch Health enables your healthcare service to:

  • Conveniently access actionable patient health data so you can deliver highly responsive remote care to chronically ill and post-acute care patients, especially those living with congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension (HBP/HTN), and similar conditions requiring chronic disease management

  • Increase patient engagement to improve treatment compliance and medication adherence, thereby lowering the incidence of unnecessary ER visits,  hospitalizations and hospital readmissions

  • Create sustainable remote patient monitoring programs to scale, and strengthen organizational efficiency, control and reduce per capita costs of care, and drive potential for profitability 

  • Benefit from our value-added services (logistics; tech support; shipping; flexible options; bulk-volume pricing; expert assistance) so you can focus on patient care

Giving hospital systems the ability to perform routine virtual check-ins with patients, and offer proactive and preventive care via remote patient monitoring is what Clear Arch Health does every day.  We help hospitals and healthcare delivery organizations maximize resources, streamline workflow and team coordination, and provide the solutions needed to enhance care for at-risk and chronically ill patient populations as they live their lives beyond hospital walls.