Physician Practices and Medical Groups

Group of doctors walking in corridor on medical conference

Clear Arch Health offers doctors, physician groups and medical practices reliable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS & mPERS) and Remote Life Safety (RLS), in combination with expert program management  to help ensure successful implementation. 

With our scalable suite of connected care solutions, clinical practices can use remote patient health monitoring to support the shift to value-based healthcare. Physicians, clinicians, nurses, and other care providers are able to check in on their patients, conveniently, beyond the confines of a waiting room, and  capture vital signs, evaluate trends, confer with specialists, and adjust treatment as needed.

Clear Arch Health provides medical practices with solutions that deliver:

  • Real-time, two-way audio-video communication that keep clinicians and teams connected to high-risk patients requiring proactive health monitoring

  • Seamless integration with numerous EHR platforms for effective sharing of critical health data to improve overall patient care coordination

  • Professional guidance that helps practitioners capably navigate insurance rules, CPT billing details, and CMS reimbursement regulations

  • Complete logistics management, direct shipping, training, ROI assessment, end-to-end program development, and full technical and customer support


From activity tracking, and health alerts, to encouraging medication adherence and staying abreast of potentially adverse health  events, PERS and RLS solutions from Clear Arch Health provide  necessary and multiple touch point opportunities for physicians, care teams and patients. Medical practitioners are able to efficiently monitor chronically ill patients, remotely, and proactively respond to health status fluctuations if and when the need arises.