Genesis Touch® Remote Patient Monitor

The Genesis Touch® Remote Patient Monitor facilitates patient care delivery utilizing video visits, text messaging and the aquisition of clinical information. The remote patient monitor guides the patient through the process of collecting clinical information and sends the data to the LifeStream clinical monitoring software for evaluation and analysis.

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The Genesis Touch® telehealth solution monitors vital signs/patient health questionnaires, improves communication with video visit/messaging and provides educational instruction to patients. Vital signs parameters include noninvasive blood pressure (NiBP), pulse oximetry (SpO2), pulse rate (HR), weight, temperature, blood glucose (blood sugar), prothrombin time/international normalized ratio (PT/INR), peak expiratory flow (PEF) and forced expiratory volume (FEV1).

The Genesis Touch® collects, displays and transmits vital signs measurements from a variety of medical devices designed for in-home use. Collected data from the monitors can be transmitted via cellular or Wi-Fi to LifeStream where the data can be viewed and analyzed by a healthcare professional.

Integrated video capabilities enable face to face interaction between patient and caregiver. Video visit promotes an open discussion and helps clinicians visually determine patient’s adherence to their remote care plan. Video visits can include up to 10 participants for group sessions, family and additional care providers


Communication Type

Bluetooth Low Energy, Cellular, WiFi


Operating System

Android™ Operating System


Compatible With



For Use With

Welch Allyn Blood Pressure Monitor (Model: H-BP100SBP), A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor (Model: UA-651BLE), A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor (Model: UA-767PBT-Ci), Nonin (SpO2) Pulse Oximeter (Model: 3230), Nonin (SpO2) Pulse Oximeter (Model: 9560), Contec (SpO2) Pulse Oximeter (Model: CMS50E/EW), Welch Allyn Weight Scale (Model: RPM-SCALE100), A&D Weight Scale (Model: UA-651BLE), A&D Weight Scale (Model: UC-355PBT-Ci)