The power of positive feedback

By May 10, 2019 September 5th, 2019 Blog

I received a call today from the CEO of one of our partners that is using our telehealth solution.  The call was not scheduled and started with “I wanted to call to give you some feedback on your product.”

I hope you can appreciate my immediate anxiety.  Usually, this is not how good or positive calls start. I guess you can compare the initial reaction or overall feeling to receiving a call from your child’s school or principal with an opening statement of “I would like you to know what your kid did today.”

Well to my surprise, this was not the call I expected.

It was not negative or bad – it was just the opposite.  The CEO told me that he had personally gone into a couple of patient homes for the initial setup, using our equipment.  He has been deploying telehealth solutions for over eight years and he said this was the simplest installation he has ever seen.  He enumerated issues he has seen in the past (with other products/companies) – such as devices not pairing and unreliable equipment that he has grown used to.  However, in the case of the Clear Arch Health RPM solution, he was consistently “in and out in under 15 minutes.”

Calls like this are infrequent. But when you receive one it goes a long way to make someone’s day.  It made mine.

So, I wanted to take this opportunity to share the thanks and kind words we received with those that deserve it most — I am fortunate to have a team of developers and test engineers behind the products making sure that the products meet their specifications.  Every single time.  We have set a culture and mindset – across our entire organization – that quality and reliability are important and nonnegotiable.  After all, our products are not just used for remote patient monitoring – we also offer life-saving medical alert solutions.  We test all our products to that same level of quality and expectations so that we know they can always be counted on.

It is nice to know it is making a difference for those that use them every day.