MobileHelp Healthcare RPM Solution Supports Chronic Care Management for Value-based Reimbursement

MobileHelp® Healthcare RPM Solution Supports Chronic Care Management for Value-based Reimbursement

Allowing providers to capitalize on new reimbursement opportunities, MobileHelp® Healthcare, a leader in personal and enterprise healthcare technology solutions, will be showcasing its MobileHelp Touch with MobileVitals – a remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution with integrated emergency response capabilities – in its booth (#1602) at ATA 2019.

Designed to provide patients with an easy-to-use RPM solution as well as the ability to access emergency help if needed, the MobileHelp Touch seamlessly fits into a variety of care models and allows providers to be reimbursed monthly by the new RPM CPT code 99454, as well as for more traditional short episodes of care.

“For years, providers have bought into the promise of remote patient monitoring, but have struggled with a means to pay for it,” said Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President of MobileHelp Healthcare. “Finally, for the first time, CMS reimbursement offers practitioners a way to do so.  And MobileHelp Touch takes that to the next level with its unique blend of traditional RPM functionality, patient engagement features, and a flexible suite of complimentary add-on features.”

In addition to its traditional telehealth capabilities, the MobileHelp platform offers patients the opportunity to keep the tablet and peripheral equipment and continue monitoring their own vital signs following clinical care episodes, enhancing long-term patient engagement.

The MobileHelp Touch system gives both providers and patients a full suite of benefits, which include:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): The MobileVitals platform allows for the remote tracking of vital signs using reliable wireless health monitoring devices or perihperals (blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, weight scale and glucose monitor) combined with a clinical dashboard to help prioritize patient triage;

  • RPM Program Support: MobileHelp has built an ecosystem of services to support RPM programs of all sizes – from small clinical settings to large-scale health networks – and offers easy program set-up, simplified training, reporting, inventory management and door-to-door shipping logistics, and support program materials (from patient consent to program educational materials);

  • Telehealth Visits: Direct video visit support enabling delivery of more than 60 face-to-face CPT codes approved for telehealth – allowing better care for patients unable to visit a clinic and/or freeing valuable in-clinic visit time for patient with higher acuity;

  • Educational Resources: From disease-specific resources to broad-scale nutritional and exercise materials, the tablet allows patients to access a library of information relevant to their diagnosis;

  • Medication Reminders: This feature allows patients, along with their authorized caregivers, to manage their medications, add new prescription information, set and change medication schedules, and push out a medication reminder alert;

  • Fall Management: The MobileHelp Fall ButtonTM automatically detects falls and allows users to track activity levels on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly Tracking activity levels and fall occurrence side-by-side with vital signs, such as weight and blood pressure, provides a more comprehensive care management platform for patients who are statistically more likely to experience an emergency, such as a fall; and

  • Messaging: The tablet features an easy-to-use messaging interface, so users can connect with loved ones by SMS or e-mail using one simple streamlined

MobileHelp Healthcare will be showcasing the MobileHelp Touch with MobileVitals throughout ATA 2019; for more information or to make an appointment with onsite executives, please visit us at booth #1602 or visit our company website.

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