MobileHelp® Selects Lacuna Health to Expand Services for Remote Patient Monitoring

Nationwide partnership to provide turn-key solution with rapid implementation and CMS reimbursement opportunities

BOCA RATON, Fla. – November 2, 2018. — MobileHelp® Healthcare, a leader in personal and enterprise healthcare technology solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Lacuna Health to offer a clinical service enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution. The new partnership will give healthcare providers a turn-key RPM solution that aligns with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed reimbursement opportunities.

“Our healthcare system is increasingly more complicated for physician practices that face growing cost pressures and operational challenges,” said Dr. Brian Holzer, Chief Executive Officer of Lacuna Health. “To benefit from CMS afforded opportunities, the lack of clinical resources can often be a key barrier to physician practice utilization for reimbursable care management programs. This solves that barrier to entry.”

Lacuna Health’s registered nurse-led contact center and clinical engagement services, combined with the MobileHelp RPM platform, can streamline the delivery of care by providing practitioners with additional support as they implement an RPM program. Outsourcing the clinical oversight allows organizations to launch new RPM programs without the need to increase existing clinical staff. In addition, outsourcing clinical oversight has other benefits such as rapid scaling of programs, and the ability to affordably cover nights and weekends – a common challenge for providers trying to effectively manage RPM programs in-house.

“We are excited to partner with Lacuna Health to offer a turn-key solution that allows providers to start their own remote patient monitoring program with no additional headcount,” said Chris A. Otto, Senior Vice President of MobileHelp® Healthcare. “In a recent survey we conducted of healthcare practitioners, more than 83 percent told us they were concerned about the costs of retaining trained nursing staff to support an RPM solution.”

RPM has been shown to increase both the quality of care and patient satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the cost of care. In recognition, CMS has finalized three new codes (CPT 99453, 99454 and 99457) for 2019, which will enable healthcare providers to more readily adopt RPM and offer the full benefits to their existing patient populations with the financial support of CMS.

The new RPM platform from Lacuna Health is now available through MobileHelp Healthcare.



About MobileHelp Healthcare:
Headquartered in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University, MobileHelp® Healthcare is a division of MobileHelp, a leading provider of mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and health management technology. MobileHelp Healthcare provides healthcare organizations with a full range of telehealth product and service solutions designed to achieve better patient outcomes through enhanced oversight and reduced readmission. For more information about MobileHelp Healthcare, please call
1-800-995-1854 or visit the company website at

About Lacuna Health:

Lacuna Health offers white-labeled inbound, outbound and after-hours patient engagement and care management services customized for hospitals, physician groups, ACOs, employers, post-acute companies and Saas/technology companies seeking a care management partner to bridge the gaps on a patient’s journey. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Kindred Healthcare, LLC, Lacuna Health represents a call to action to focus on the patient and their caregivers.  With data and human intelligence and the clinical experience of a 24-hour, registered nurse led contact center, Lacuna Health powers healthcare entities to extend their reach, engage with patients, reduce rehospitalizations, lower costs and increase revenues. For more information, visit

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