Webinar: How EHR Interoperability Benefits Remote Patient Monitoring Programs


This webinar examines specific ways that EHR interoperability and electronic health records systems integration can deliver a range of benefits to remote patient monitoring (RPM) for driving improved care coordination.

Learn how Clear Arch Health’s expertise in EHR integration facilitates successful tracking of measurable and quantifiable health data in remote monitoring care, enhancing value-based care, reporting and communication of clinical results between providers and care organizations.

In this engaging webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Clear Arch Health maximizes electronic health records interoperability to empower care providers with the technology needed to enhance clinical workflows, securely exchange patient data, streamline vital communications, and deliver quality care to more patients.

  • What you need to succeed with RPM through seamless access to essential, standardized and accurate patient health data across provider networks.

  • What’s on the horizon for Clear Arch Health’s growing EHR/EMR systems integration, including implementation of reputable HL7/FHIR standards for exchanging health care information electronically, using common formats and terminology.


Chris Otto, Chief Technology Officer for Clear Arch Health

Michelle Hirst, Director of Clinical Operations for Clear Arch Health

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How EHR Interoperability Benefits Remote Patient Monitoring

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