Surveying the Industry | Make the Case for Telehealth

 A White Paper by MobileHelp/Clear Arch Health


We surveyed healthcare industry executives and found that nearly 30 percent of healthcare providers have implemented telehealth programs into their clinical operations. The survey also revealed that more than 85 percent of healthcare providers not currently using telehealth services see the clear benefit.

Of those currently not using telehealth technology, nearly 25 percent reported they are looking to implement it within twelve months.

For the respondents who are not yet offering a telehealth program, 85% of them overwhelmingly believe that Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) would benefit their patients in multiple ways.

Healthcare providers also cited some implementation challenges: More than 32 percent said a system was fiscally out of reach due to high up front equipment costs. Another 18 percent said it also required an oversight plan they do not have in place. This feedback led us to create another white paper: Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy. Click the image below to view or download our white paper, Surveying the Industry: Healthcare Professionals Make the Case for Telehealth.

Surveying The Industry Healthcare Professionals Make The Case For Telehealth

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