Telehealth and Emergency Response Systems | A Clear Arch Health White Paper*

The Powerhouse Combination of Telehealth and PERS

Geared toward healthcare providers and caregivers, this white paper focuses on attaining improved patient outcomes through the use of the MobileVitals® solution from MobileHelp®/ Clear Arch Health® which combines both telehealth and a personal emergency response system (PERS).

Mobile Vitals remote patient monitoring equipment, including tablet and emergency button

Get the white paper here, and discover how combining these solutions can deliver results that are more powerful together than the sum of the two solutions apart.

This combination of telehealth and PERS can allow patients to successfully age in place by addressing two major obstacles to senior health – the management of chronic illness and emergency response to prevent hospital readmissions and help seniors stay healthier and independent longer.

Click the image below to view or download this white paper.

*MobileHelp Healthcare became Clear Arch Health in 2019.

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