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The holiday season is upon us!

For many, this time of year brings with it loads of opportunities to consume delicious treats and scrumptious meals as we come together with loved ones, family and friends to celebrate traditions and the joys of the holidays.  Along with all of the festivities and indulgences, we need to be aware of the potential for losing sight of the healthy habits we’ve worked so hard to build throughout the year.

But, there’s no need to cry, and there’s no need to pout. We’re all human. And to help you enjoy the holidays while remaining healthy, Clear Arch Health is offering the following top three tips to keep you, and all those whom you love, feeling happy, heart healthy and highly motivated to maintain good habits this holiday season and all year long!

3 Tips for Keeping Healthy and Heart Happy This Holiday Season

  1. Put a Little Something in Your Belly Before You Go Out
  2. Try a Taste or Two, Just Don’t Over-Do
  3. Do Something Other Than Just Eat

1) Don’t arrive hungry – If you’ve ever gone to a grocery store hungry, you may have found yourself grabbing for unhealthy food items just because they were right in front of you.

Well, the same thing can happen if you go to a party or family gathering on an empty stomach. To avoid eating without thinking it’s a good idea to enjoy a small snack before you go out. Consider a high protein nibble or a piece of fruit. Maybe a small bowl of sliced bananas with granola will hit the spot.  And, drink a full glass of water 30 minutes before eating. This will help you feel satisfied, aid in digestion and allow you to focus on connecting with your family and friends instead of diving head first into the angel food cake!

2) Indulge without over-indulging – Savoring some treats and sweets of the season will not completely make or break your healthy weight goals. But, having second or third helpings of dinner followed by a few large pieces of cherry pie with heavy cream and sugar cookies on the side might do more damage than good. To keep your eye on the prize of good eating habits while enjoying the holidays, try eating smaller servings with more colorful vegetables. Controlling portion size is an excellent way to indulge without going overboard and without the guilt that may follow. Afterall, if it isn’t on your plate, it very likely won’t end up in your tummy or on your hips.

And, …

3) Socialize and stay active – Remember: The holidays are about more than just food and eating. Remember, it’s important to have fun, too.  Try to come up with easy, fun activities you can do with others to keep active and to keep your mind off of food. Don’t worry about counting calories or your next bite to eat. Just enjoy yourself – laugh, mingle, dance, and/or play games. Focus on fun, and enjoy the company of others – it will help your heart and lift your spirit as well!

Eating well and staying healthy can be challenging any time of year, but it can be especially hard to do during the holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. The holidays are full of family, friends, great food, and great memories, so please: Enjoy!

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