Achieving Community Health Goals with Virtual Care Solutions

a Clear Arch Health Customer Success Story


  • Laughlin Community Health Center
  • medical practice group located in Laughlin, Nevada

Mission: To provide excellent, comprehensive health and medical care from pediatric to geriatric patients in the town of Laughlin and its surrounding communities.

Goals and Challenges:

  • Improve the quality of chronic care management program
  • Obtain an easy-to-use remote patient monitoring solution
  • Experience seamless patient onboarding
  • Collect accurate, value-added data for providers
  • Engage in effective clinician/vendor communications
Clear Arch Health's RPM Program

When Laughlin Community Health Center (Laughlin, Nevada) sought to “improve the quality of patient care” and “provide value-added data” for its providers, the health center turned to Clear Arch Health to deploy remote patient monitoring solutions (RPM).

The results were quite favorable.

Before working with Clear Arch Health, the health center struggled to fully achieve all goals in patient management. Once the RPM program was implemented, the community health center experienced appreciable improvements in several areas, specifically:

  • Value of care with RPM/CCM
  • Data collection for RPM
  • Ease of system use
  • Onboarding of patients

“Our main concern was ‘how can we improve the quality of patient care and provide value-added data for providers?’ said Donna Kelly, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, CEN, Owner/Family Certified Nurse Practitioner. “Once we began working with Clear Arch Health, we were able to provide quality care to our RPM patients.”

Clear Arch Health provided the answer to Laughlin Community Health Center’s challenges by implementing an effective remote patient monitoring program. With Clear Arch Health’s RPM solution, Laughlin Community Health Center significantly improved its chronic care management efforts and solved a number of problems, such as obtaining accurate patient health data and streamlining communications.

4 Benefits of Clear Arch Health’s RPM Program
Realized by the Laughlin Community Health Center

  1. Enhancing the Quality of Care:

Improving the quality of patient care and providing value-added data for providers is chief among the goals of the Laughlin Community Health Center. With real-time remote patient monitoring, Laughlin’s healthcare teams can now, more effectively, identify any changes in patients’ conditions, intervene early and provide personalized care, as needed.

2. Efficient Onboarding Process:

Clear Arch Health’s RPM program makes the onboarding process seamless. For Laughlin Community Health Center, the ease of integrating RPM into existing workflows was smooth with minimal disruption in service. The health center was able to quickly adopt the technology and maintain its focus on delivering quality care to CCM patients.

3. User-Friendly Equipment and Systems:

Laughlin Community Health Center appreciated how easy it has been to get up and running with Clear Arch Health’s RPM program. The intuitive equipment and systems allow care teams to concentrate on patient care without having to waste time grappling to understand complex interfaces.

4. Excellent Communication and Support:

The community health center had previously experienced communication difficulties with a former RPM vendor. Clear Arch Health, known for providing excellent consultative support and responsive communication throughout every RPM program deployment, was praised by Laughlin, stating they experienced “amazing communication from the Clear Arch Health team.”

The Value of RPM for Chronic Care Management

Remote monitoring can make a huge difference for patients and providers if it’s done right. RPM programs enable patients to receive quality care without having to travel to the hospital or a clinic. Plus, RPM can help care teams work more efficiently and productively.

Laughlin Community Health Center’s success story showcases how Clear Arch Health can assist in enhancing chronic care management programs. With Clear Arch Health as its RPM vendor and partner, Laughlin Community Health Center successfully improved patient engagement, increased adherence to care plans, and delivered efficient, high-quality care.

Why Choose Clear Arch Health

With end-to-end services and customizable programs that empower care teams to communicate with patients remotely, through video, phone, and/or text chat, Clear Arch Health provides the tools needed to improve patient engagement. This also can help to lower the chances of unobserved progressions in a patient’s condition and/or unscheduled hospital readmissions.

With patient-specific education, interactive Q & A prompts, symptom surveys, medication reminders, and more, RPM solutions from Clear Arch Health can help to make the healthcare experience a more efficient and satisfactory one for patients and care providers.

If you’re seeking a complete RPM solution, reach out to Clear Arch Health today.

About Laughlin Community Health Center: visit the websiite here:

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