Clear Arch Health – the story behind our new name

By October 4, 2019 Blog

I am very happy to have navigated a name change for our Healthcare Division.  We announced this almost a month ago, in conjunction with the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Congress event in Boston, MA.  And, we received great feedback from existing partners, clients, and new contacts.  I wanted to share some of the reasons behind our rebranding efforts and why we chose the name Clear Arch Health.

Why did we change the name?  In 2006, MobileHelp® started as a small company with a simple value proposition – innovate emergency response with mobility. We realized customers didn’t just need emergency services at home – they needed protection where they were at the time help was needed. Years later, MobileHelp had the same idea for healthcare and in 2016, the MobileHelp Healthcare Division was formed. The addition of our healthcare division expanded our product and service offering to reach healthcare professionals in a variety of industries. However, we realized the name MobileHelp Healthcare Division was not as descriptive as it once was. So, we re-branded to Clear Arch Health.

We chose the “Arch” because it symbolizes strength, connectivity, and a gateway.  Three things that we believe embody our solution: Strength, because our solutions help care for patients and to keep them healthy and well.  Connectivity, because an arch connects two points – clinicians to their patients and family to their loved ones.  Lastly, it symbolizes a gateway to manage your health.

We chose “Clear” because it represents our integrity in how we do business. We pride ourselves on being clear and transparent in all aspects of our interactions. Clear contracts. Clear pricing. Clear relationship management.  We want to ensure that our business model and processes clearly convey how simple and easy it is to work with us.

We hope you like our new brand as much as we do.  And we welcome your feedback.