Arizona-based FQHC, Desert Senita, Tags Clear Arch Health for RPM Services to Help Expand Rural Care Delivery

Remote patient monitoring healthcare solutions provider, Clear Arch Health, welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with federally qualified health center, Desert Senita Community Health Center (DSCHC), in a beneficial initiative designed to improve access to, as well as the quality of, outpatient care for geographically and economically challenged residents within the rural Arizona community of Ajo and surrounding areas.  

2024 got off to an auspicious and promising start for the everyone vested in promoting telehealth and remote patient monitoring as viable solutions to advancing health equity and providing high-quality care to rural and geographically isolated U.S. citizens.

And, Clear Arch Health is thrilled to play a role!

In early January, it was announced that rural and geographically isolated Desert Senita Community Health Center (DSCHC), an essential FQHC care provider in rural Arizona, had made the forward-looking decision to join forces with Clear Arch Health and empower its healthcare teams and patient population with access to valuable, reliable and indispensable remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions for the improvement of care delivery.

The hope and objective being that this move would enable DSCHC to actively address challenges to rural healthcare and social determinants of health (SDoH) — such as financial constraints, transportation impediments, and a scarcity of health care resources — to expand healthcare access for patients in need.

By working with Clear Arch Health, DSCHC paves the way for its clinical staff in Ajo, Arizona to serve its underserved patient population with advanced, accessible, and easy-to-use healthcare technology.

Desert Senita’s RPM program will specifically target patient populations with multiple chronic illnesses. These conditions include heart failure/cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory/pulmonary-related ailments.

Clear Arch Touch RPM allows DSCHC care teams to effectively and proactively engage with patients across distance, track and assess vital signs, and adjust treatment plans (if and when necessary). This helps to ensure affordable, responsive and personalized care delivery — all from the comfort of patients’ homes.

Choosing an RPM vendor/partner with comprehensive technology solutions is essential for proper program implementation.

Clear Arch Health is one such vendor. With a suite of options that offer patients a safety net of services (PERS mobile alerts, for instance, and bi-directional communications), Clear Arch Health can help ensure that care teams have convenient and continual access to real-time data delivery.

Clear Arch Health is excited to be a part of this initiative to bring digital healthcare innovation to the residents of Ajo, Arizona. We anticipate many good things from this collaboration with Desert Senita Community Health Center as we work together to expand access to quality patient care.

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