Clear Arch Health at NRTRC 2024

NRTRC 2024 Conference | April 29 - May 1, 2024 | Seattle, WA

Are you a healthcare hero, ready to explore the “Next Generation of Telehealth Technology”?

Then, continue to reach out to Clear Arch Health, during the 2024 Conference of the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) in Seattle, and after! Be a part of our continuing mission to unlock the advantages of remote healthcare, and release its full potential to improve care quality and enhance patient outcomes.

From the advent of AI in medicine, and using remote patient monitoring (RPM) to transform the delivery of care in rural communities, to examining how we can all advance health equity by making virtual healthcare more available and accessible to more patient populations, NRTRC 2024 was a mega event!

Experience the Clear Arch Health Difference in Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Care Solutions!

With Clear Arch Health’s remote solutions for healthcare, clinical teams may provide health monitoring and treatment plan management — outside the clinical environment.

Our flexible and customizable solutions in RPM and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) enable better allocation of resources, mitigates travel burdens, and maintains convenient communication between care providers and chronic care patients, all from the comfort of home.

Get more information and reach out to Clear Arch Health, any time!

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