Clear Arch Health Joins Virtual Care Community in Supporting Telehealth Awareness Week 2023

In observance of Telehealth Awareness Week 2023 (September 17-23), Clear Arch Health joined the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), telehealthcare solutions providers, remote patient monitoring advocates, hospital systems, medical practices, and all others who have vested interests in highlighting and promoting the value of virtual care as a necessary part of standard of healthcare.

“Telehealth remains a lifeline for diverse patient communities and healthcare providers across the nation, ensuring access to safe, affordable, and quality care whenever and wherever it is needed … Today, the ATA’s most important message is more critical than ever before: Telehealth. Is. Health.” –
American Telemedicine Association

Clear Arch Health recognizes the importance of remote care and proudly supports the work of ATA in spreading awareness about the benefits of telehealth for providers and health services consumers, alike.

* Please view telehealth and remote patient monitoring information resources at the end of this article.



Telehealth Awareness Week promises to:


  • Shine a spotlight on the essential role of telehealth in the delivery of quality healthcare
  • Provide new educational resources focused on the key advantages of hybrid care
  • Elevate the voices of patients and care professionals who depend on telehealth for care delivery

ATA Telehabilitation and Remote Monitoring Special Interest Groups (SIG) Panel, Sept. 19, 2023

Panelists discussion will highlight policy, use cases, standards of care, payment methodologies, and federal and state compliance. 



RPM and Telehealth: Unique and Different Attributes

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring are terms that are often used interchangeably — but they’re not quite the same thing.

While telehealth is often defined as a collection of technology and communication methods to enhance healthcare delivery and patient education through means other than in-person, and also may be used to reference RPM, remote patient monitoring is more accurately described as a specific subset of telehealth.

RPM is passive monitoring of a patient’s health status between face-to-face visits. This technology helps to keep clinicians informed through vital signs data that are delivered via a combination of connected health devices (i.e., glucose and blood pressure monitors, weight scales, oximeters, etc.), coupled with interactive features. Thusly, providers and their organizations may manage acute and chronic conditions outside of traditional healthcare settings and adjust treatment or intervene if and when necessary.

Additionally, personal emergency response systems (PERS) with fall detection technology may assist in helping to get help quickly in the event of a fall.** Many such devices require patient activation of an alarm or alert. However, passive systems may automatically detect a fall and signal for help.



Experience the Clear Arch Health Difference

Clear Arch Health offers the latest advancements in health monitoring and emergency response solutions. With a unique combined platform capable of supporting Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and/or Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) features in one integrated base station, Clear Arch Health provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to customize programs without adding extra cost or needing to replace equipment.



To learn more about Telehealth Awareness Week, visit:

Use the official TAW hashtags on social media: #TelehealthIsHealth #TelehealthAwarenessWeek


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