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Clear Arch Health®, a leading provider of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and mobile personal emergency response system (mPERS) solutions, announced today a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration service enabling seamless utilization by healthcare providers using supported EHRs.

Healthcare providers running dozens of EHR systems can find interoperability to be challenging. The lack of interoperability not only degrades clinician experiences but leads to decreased efficiency and slow adoption of technologies that could otherwise promote better patient care.

One such technology is remote patient monitoring (RPM). RPM allows the remote monitoring of patient-generated health data (PGHD), typically biometric data from self-test medical devices. In addition, the Clear Arch Health RPM platform offers clinical teams the ability to interact with patients by sending health surveys and questionnaires such as COVID-19 screenings. The platform also offers virtual telehealth video visits, enabling clinicians to conduct face-to-face encounters with patients that may not be able to visit a traditional clinic setting.

In 2020, the utilization of telehealth services increased dramatically as a result of the pandemic, but telehealth alone is not sufficient for patients with chronic conditions. The telehealth visits lack the biometric data that would ordinarily be collected during an office visit. The Clear Arch Health platform bridges that gap in care and simplifies the clinical experience. Expanded CMS reimbursement opportunities make closing that gap more economical, setting up future growth as we roll into the post-pandemic world.

The new integration service facilitates rapid deployment of RPM applications and data sharing from the Clear Arch Health clinical dashboard and the patient’s EHR. The application will allow easy patient enrollment from within the EHR and sharing of information back into the patient record.

“The new Clear Arch Health service integrates with over 75 EHRs. This translates to rapid development and quick deployment times,” said Chris A. Otto, SVP, Business and Product Development for Clear Arch Health.

The new EHR integration will help streamline the launch of telehealth programs for new patients to improve the quality and delivery of care, as well as overall health outcomes.

“Our new integration platform enables providers to scale programs faster, ensures that RPM-derived PGHD is contained in the patient’s medical record, and provides a more unified clinical experience,” said John Bojanowski, President of Clear Arch Health.

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